With the transfer of the extinct IAA/PLANALSUCAR to UFSCar in 1991, the predominance of its technical staff and infrastructure was transferred to the University. At the time, three Departments were created, grouping in the Department of Plant Biotechnology (DBV), the former areas of Entomology, Plant Physiology, Plant Pathology and Breeding. In order to meet the objectives of developing teaching, research and extension activities, the Agronomy program was created.

The researchers, now professors, began to teach subjects in the program syllabus and to give continuity, in part, to the work that had been developed at IAA/PLANALSUCAR. New areas, Botany, Silviculture and Animal Science were added to the Department to serve agronomy. Subsequently, two new undergraduate programs, Biotechnology and Agroecology, and graduate courses, Agriculture and Environment and Agroecology and Rural Development, were created, demanding the Department to assist them.

After adaptations and construction of new facilities, the Department now has an excellent structure of laboratories, practical classrooms, equipment, greenhouses, agricultural area, etc. that make it possible to meet the demand of the academic and external community. Due to its expansion, there was a need to change the name of the Department, now called the Department of Biotechnology and Plant and Animal Production (DBPVA).

Work developed in Programs and/or Projects in the areas of botany, plant biotechnology, plant physiology, plant health (diseases, entomology, plant pathology and nematology), genetic breeding (sugar cane and vegetables), silviculture and animal science (dairy cattle, pisciculture and poultry) make up the main lines of action of the DBPVA. These activities, integrated to the programs, allow for the desired interaction between the faculty and students, contributing to produce new professionals and to meet the needs of society.

Department Head

The administration of DBPVA is carried out by Prof. PhD. Maria Bernadete Silva de Campos and Prof. PhD. Fernando Cesar Sala as his substitute, having as a deliberative body, the Departmental Council, composed of all the professors of the DBPVA, in addition to a representative from the technical-administrative body and one from the student body.


Phone numbers: (19) 3543-2612 – 3543-2613 – 3543-2654
E-mail: dbpva @

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