The Department of Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Education (DCNME) was created in 2011 and serves all undergraduate and graduate courses at the Center for Agrarian Sciences, on the UFSCar campus in Araras, state of São Paulo, with the main focus on Bachelor’s degree programs in Biological Sciences, Chemistry and Physics.

It has a multidisciplinary faculty, with professors from the areas of Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Education and Psychology, who participate in several projects in the area of teaching, research and extension.

Department Head

The head of the Department is currently exercised by Prof. PhD. Renata Sebastiani and by her substitute, Prof. PhD. Daniele Lozano; the deliberative body is the Departmental Council, composed of professors and administrative technicians from the department, in addition to student representatives.


Margarida Etsuko Endo Momo


Phone number: (19) 3543-2586
E-mail: dcnme @
Address: Rodovia Anhanguera, Km 174,
CEP: 13600-970, Araras – São Paulo

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