Mission - Vision - Values


Commitment to social, political, cultural and economic development and transformation, aiming to promote the inseparability of teaching, research and extension, aiming at the production and dissemination of knowledge.

Goals and objectives:

  • Produce critical individuals who participate in social contexts;
  • Stimulate technical-scientific production, committed to the development, expansion and innovation of knowledge;
  • Promote democratic values.


Established in the municipality of Araras, state of São Paulo, the CCA has 230 hectares that until 1953 were occupied by a coffee farm. This farm was then acquired by the Sugar and Alcohol Institute (IAA) to develop the National Program for Sugarcane Breeding (Planalsucar). In 1991, with the extinction of the IAA, its facilities were incorporated by UFSCar, which created the CCA there, initially with the Agronomic Engineering program and in 2006 the Bachelor's Degree in Biotechnology. With the expansion of Federal Universities, in 2010 the Bachelor's Degree in Agroecology and Degree in Physics, Chemistry and Biological Sciences were also implemented. In this way, the CCA is committed to the excellence of its activities, both in producing its agents and in the production of social and cultural goods.


The UFSCar Center for Agricultural Sciences (CCA), a public and free entity, strives to transform society through the production of scientific, technological and cultural knowledge that favor a solid and humanistic formation of critical and ethical individuals. For this, it has the following values:

  • the excellence of its activities;
  • the search for innovation;
  • respect for human plurality and diversity;
  • the development of actions that include responsibility with environmental suitability.
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